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    Reason to Repair
Repair Transformers * Rebuild Transformers * Recondition Transformers
Magnetic Coils * 400 Hz Transformers * High Voltage Transformers * NWL Precipitators

is specialized in design and manufacturing of
new, repair, rewind, rebuild and Recondition
of all kind of magnetic coils, special and custom transformers.

01. Save Time:
Industry average shipping time on new transformers is 8-10 weeks or longer. We can have your transformer repaired in as little as 4-5 days. Standard lead-time is just 2-3 weeks. In emergency cases over night.
02.. Save Money
In most cases enclosures and cores and terminal blocks can be reused while the working part of your transformer, the coils are replaced. This translates into significant savings over buying a new transformer.
03. Downtime
can cost you more than just inconvenience. When you absolutely have to get your operation back up and running.
04. Save More Money
Older transformer designs are not as efficient as newer ones. When possible, we will redesign the coils to provide greater cooling efficiency, short-circuit strength and reduced operating costs.
05. Save Yourself a Headache
Finding a transformer can be a big headache. If you do find one, will it fit, or will you have to make major modifications to make it work? You know that your transformer will fit into the existing space and will connect without any hassles.
06. Upgrades include:
KVA increases, voltage changes, clamping structure improvements, use of high quality transformer core and insulating materials.
07. Hard to find Magnetics:
  •   Replacement of out of production transformers and reactors and other special magnetics.
  •   Substitutes for imported transformers and reactors.
  •   Replacement of magnetics with special dimensions.
  •   Rewind all kind of special magnetics.

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

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